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Create a rich chat experience complete with advanced features like moderation, delivery receipts and analytics without the complexity of building a chat backend.

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Real-time Chat API with cross platform JavaScript SDK and Serverless Functions

ChatKitty is the first complete chat development platform; bringing together everything that's required to build real-time chat into Web and mobile apps. We power chat for online community platforms, marketplaces, dating apps, medical services, and everything in between.

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Everything you need to build an immersive chat experience

We spent much time thinking of the right abstractions and implementing our APIs to be easy to use. ChatKitty seamlessly connects with your project, so your team doesn't need to stitch together different systems, spending months building chat functionality.

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Full-featured chat and messaging in no time...

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Private chat
Group chat
Public chat rooms
Message threads
Push notifications
File attachments
Typing indicators
Presence indicators
Delivery and read receipts
Link preview generation
Chatbot integration

...and you're in complete control of what happens

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Chat Functions

Add server-side logic to your app without a back-end.

User access rules

Define rules controlling what users can see and do.

Auto moderation

Automoderate how users participate in chats.

Event webhooks

Take action when events you care about happen.

Our customer stories

Learn how companies use ChatKitty to build chat and increase user engagement.

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Up to 1K MAU*

For hackers and hobbyists looking to prototype their next big thing.

  • Chat function invocations: 1M/mo


Up to 5K MAU* then $0.04/MAU

For companies and early-stage startups looking to build fast.

  • Chat function invocations: 1M/mo then $0.01 per 100 invocations


Up to 25K MAU* then $0.02/MAU

For medium or larger companies looking for chat at scale.

  • Chat function invocations: 5M/mo then $0.01 per 100 invocations

*MAU: Monthly active chat user

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